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What is Color Sanding?

Also known as wet sanding is the process to remove "orange peel" on old and newer vehicles.  It is also used to repair scratches, water spots, oxidation, and paint defects. Color sanding will make your paint look flat and glossy like glass. 

The Secret to a Show Car Finish


The secret to a show winning finish is color sanding.  Most people would be pleased by a professional paint job, but no painter, however talented or experienced, can apply a mirror perfect finish so deep it appears your reflection is four feet in the paint.  This is the finish that you see in car shows.


The process is a true art and very time consuming, but will make your vehicle look wet and glossy, minimize orange peel, repair scratches and defects in the paint


A vehicle can only be wet sanded once.  Once sanded the "orange peel" is gone and will never come back.  The clear coat on most vehicles is not thick enough to be wet sanded twice.  If the vehicles paint at a later time becomes spider webbed from improper car washing, it can be polished without re sanding the vehicle.


Expensive cars like Lamborghini's and Bentley's are wet sanded and polished at the factory.  Honda, Toyota, GM, Chrysler, Ford, etc. do not color sand the final clear coat, as it is too expensive and time consuming. 


Most detailers don't have the expertise for wet sanding paint.




Color Sanding Pricing   $750 - $2500

  • Mask off exterior glass and trim.


  • Sand exterior paint with 1500grit sandpaper to remove orange peel.


  • Scratches, water spots and any oxidation is repaired.


  • Sand exterior paint with 3000grit sandpaper to remove 1500grit sanding scratches.


  • Machine polish with a cutting compound to remove sanding scratches.


  • Machine polish to remove any swirl marks from the cutting compound creating a wet, glossy, mirror finish.


  • Seal exterior paint with a Meguiars Poly Synthetic Sealer.





Car Polishing Pricing   $300 - $800


  • Included with color sanding listed above.


  • Clay exterior paint.


  • Mask off exterior glass and trim to protect from product overspray.


  • Machine polish to repair any scratches, water spots or any oxidation.


  • Machine polish, creating a wet, glossy, mirror finish.
  • Seal exterior paint with a Meguiars Poly Synthetic Sealer.





     your vehicle is the final step in completing a proper show car paint job.  This process commonly known as Color sanding or wet sanding can also used bring a paint job back to life.  Dull paint, scratches, swirl marks, oxidation can be improved or eliminated by color sanding.




* prices are based on an average condition vehicle, exact prices available upon visual inspection, additional costs must  be approved by our customers.



* Other services available per upon customer request, please call with any questions.

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