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The secret to a show winning finish is color sanding.  Most people would be pleased by a professional paint job, but no painter, however talented or experienced, can apply a mirror perfect finish so deep it appears your reflection is four feet in the paint.  This is the finish that you see in car shows.



1972 El Camino color sanded finish


Corrective polishing, not wax, is what gives the car paint it's shine. By combining the highest quality materials available and our years of experience we achieve the finest paint finish, including intensive shine and depth of color, for your cars paint. While    many other detailers use oil based fillers and silicones that wash out over time,  We correct the finish of the paint, so it will last and not wash away a few weeks later.

If you have swirl marks, scratches or markings on your vehicle that other detail companies have left, rests assure that we can remove them with corrective polishing.

We have paint correction methods that will amaze you.  Scratches, swirl marks, paint imperfections are the thing of the past!  Think you need a paint job?  Save hundreds by having us look first.

We can also also teach you how to care for your car’s finish to make it last longer. Give us an opportunity to show you how we can improve your car paint shine and durability. Image is everything, so why settle for okay when you can have the very best. Paint evaluations and estimates are free.





The Ford Mustang pictured below was custom painted a metallic pearl green.  Once the paint cured, it became obvious the prep work was rushed and the clear coat was sprayed too heavy.  The car body was sunken in due to improper Body work being done previously and it was visibly noticeable. Also, there were numerous runs and paint sags in the clear coat.  The owner was not satisfied and the painter was faced with sanding the car and repainting.  Paint material alone was over $1,600 plus prep materials and labor.  We were able to color sand the vehicle and fix the paint issues.  Below is some pictures of the damage and the finished paint.


                   shrinking bodywork                                  paint runs and sags                                               finish

orange peel removal  Paint runs color sanding Tacomacolor sanding finish Tacoma


                heavy orange peel                                        heavy clear coat                                                   finish Orange peel color sanding seattle  clear coat paint correction  Color sanding finish Puyallup




The owner of the 1967 Chevelle pictured below purchased this vehicle with the intent of repainting it due to shrinking body work and a cloudy finish.  We were able to color sand the vehicle thus correcting the paint issues and presenting the owner with a show car finish withourt repaint.  Below is some pictures of the project.



paint correction  color sanding  Paint restoration muscle car



 how to color sand  what is color sanding  1967 Chevelle color sanded