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Auto Restoration & Detailing Serving Tacoma, Puyallup, Seattle

"Auto Detailing & Restoration From Classic Reflections"

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Many detailers in Pierce County, WA do little more than a glorified car wash and wax. Many are intimidated by high end cars, trucks, motorcycles. NOT at Classic Reflections in Puyallup | Tacoma WA. Bring your vehicle where we know automotive paint from new to classic and everywhere in between. Regardless of where your paint job is now, and where it's been, Classic Reflections conveniently located in Puyallup, WA know's just what that baby needs and how to treat it. Review some of the specialized detail services below and call (253) 468-7634 for any special auto detail services.


Our auto detail services range from basics such as interior cleaning and waxing to auto restoration  procedures such as swirl removal, scratch removal and water spot removal. Our reputation as a detailing shop that truly cares about the smallest details has made Classic Reflections Detail Shop a trusted destination for owners of both specialty and non-specialty cars throughout the Puyallup and Tacoma  areas and beyond.

Did you know Classic Reflections can also replace your battery, wiper blades fill your wiper fluid and even replace your cracked windshield? 


Let Classic Reflections Tacoma | Puyallup detail shop take care of your  detailing needs.  Call today to schedule an appointment or stop by for a free estimate. 

 Auto Restoration & Detailing Serving Tacoma, Puyallup, Seattle


Scuff scratch removal

Make that parking lot mistake disappear. Part of Classic reflections auto paint restoration services is to remove scratches and scuff marks from your car and erase your mistakes. See also our Paintless dent repair services

Headlight reconditioning

Attention Puyallup-Tacoma WA drivers. Never are headlights more important than in the rain. If your headlights are fogged up, and have that milky appearance, it's not only's looks bad, too. Get your headlights reconditioned at Classic Reflections for safety and that sleek, clear look.
Glass Water Spot Removal
You may have had your car detailed somewhere else, but they couldn't clear the water spot fog from the glass. Windshield or sunroof, Classic Reflections Glass Restoration will restore your vision and your glisten.
Paint Water Spot Removal
One thing worse than foggy looking glass, from a custom car detailers perspective, is water spots in the paint! Undo the damage of the weather's wear and get your paint back to that new car shine.

Oxidation Removal

Whether you have a car with a clear coat finish or conventional car paint, your car can become dull through a chemical reaction called oxidation. Oxidation leaves a chalky residue on the car and it can't be removed with washing and waxing. Let us restore that paint to its original shine.

Paint Overspray Removal

Your over sprayed vehicle is safest in the hands of one of our skilled overspray removal technicians who will explain to you our removal process.



Vehicle Trim Restoration

Let Classic Reflections make your plastic trim look brand new again. Door handles, mirror casings, wheel flairs, bumper trim, running board inserts, bumper trim, virtually anything plastic on the exterior of a vehicle can be restored to like-new condition.

Vinyl Graphics Car Striping
Add that custom racing stripe and it's a whole new vehicle. Custom vehicle striping and graphics turn a nice ordinary car into a sleek, and coveted phenomenon.

Auto Leather Cleaning
Leather Reconditioning

Today’s auto leather needs special processes to help maintain its original look and feel. Hard to remove soil build up will eventually form cracks.  Classic Reflections knows the correct methods to clean condition and protect your leather.


Metal Polishing

Take grungy chrome on your motorcycle, or car or truck grill and exhaust and transform it into a glowing reflection of anything that comes near. That's what we call a "Classic Reflection"


Paint Refurbishing

Bringing back the shine to dull paint involves two important steps. The first is to remove every bit of tar, pollutants and oxidations covering the paint’s shine as these are indications that destructive layers have actually depleted the paint of its protective oils. The second step is to reintroduce these protective oils back to the paint.

Show cars

Get ready to WIN! Show cars and bikes are the Classic Reflections specialties. There's nothing more fun around here than seeing a custom Harley or hot rod ready for the car show. Bring her here before the show